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Ormaco was founded in 2005 by Didier Lanata, a sailor virtually since his birth, with an enthusiastic passion for boats and technologies, and a solid background in design and as a sales engineer. Ormaco’s aim is to offer new boats with a radically different design to those currently on the market, from the Runabout to the MegaYacht, with either sails or motor. Their innovative conception makes our products the most stunning and remarkable boats within their respective categories. Beyond the uniqueness of our design, we concentrate on studying the aerodynamic and hydrodynamic influences on our boats’ behaviour, use and performance while respecting their navigational programme. However our products also reflect our customers’ strong personality, character and individuality. We have attracted interest from the world’s leading boat-builders, enabling us to offer the entire range of technologies required to build our craft. 

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Fabron 2 Collines

26 bis, boulevard de Montréal

06200 Nice


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Presse - ORMACO
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